Friday, November 18, 2011

Banner feedback wanted

It's just about time for me to change the banner graphic at the top of the page, as I am accustomed to doing a few times a year. I thought that as I went into the design phase it would be nice to have some outside ideas as to what I should do with it. If you have one, comment or send me an email!


Page said...

I do like your photo collage that you have so perhaps a different star or stars in scenes from certain genres.
You're site it clever and eye appealing so I'm sure whichever you choose will look great!

Priscilla said...

Many thanks, Page. I am looking forward to Six Degrees of Separation!

anialek36 said...

I love Doris Day❤ I love old American films! Fantastic blog! Greetings from Poland:) Ania

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