Saturday, November 26, 2011

Six Degrees of Separation

It is a pleasure to participate in the Six Degrees of Separation game started by Page over at My Love of Old Hollywood. I'll just recap the game so far. Page gave us two stars, Mabel Norman and Walter Matthau, and passed the torch on to Dave of Dave's Classic Films.

He pointed out that Mabel Norman was in Head Over Heels (1922) with Adolphe Menjou. Then Becky of ClassicBecky's Brain Food gave us Adolphe Menjou in Paths of Glory (1957) with Kirk Douglas. Next up to bat was Dawn of Noir and Chick Flicks. She chose Kirk Douglas, in Lonely are the Brave (1962), with Gena Rowlands. Then the game looped back to Page, who threw in Gena Rowlands and Rock Hudson in The Spiral Road (1962)

That leaves us at four degrees, and I have been chosen to present the fifth. Naturally, I wanted to link Rock Hudson to the best star ever, Doris Day. But, needing to make the game possible to complete on the next and final degree, I chose Rock Hudson and Burl Ives, also in The Spiral Road (1962). 

I'm booting the sixth degree over to Vincent at Carole & Co. Wrap it up for us, Vince!


Page said...

Thanks Priscilla! This first round has been a real hoot.

Can't wait to see which two stars Vincent will choose.

VP81955 said...

So do I have to link Burl Ives to another star, or do I start from scratch? (Sorry, I'm a bit late here, but I work on Saturdays.) Forgive my confusion.

VP81955 said...

Burl Ives and Walter Matthau were in "Ensign Pulver" (1964)!

Now, two actors of my own -- Carole Lombard (surprise!) and Goldie Hawn. Next up, Ivan G. Shreve at Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear.

Priscilla said...

Good job, Vincent. You did it dandy!

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