About This Blog

What it is:
Reel Revival is the blog that I created to chronicle the journey that my husband and I are making through the hundreds of VHS tapes that my grandmother made for me growing up.  
For more, see my introductory post "I have some 'Splainin' to do!"

Why this blog exists:
I created Reel Revival with the intent to foster, encourage, and generate interest in the long-lost gems that are "old movies."  I am lurching out into this enterprise in good faith that there are scores of people, like you, who share my passion.  I am trying to find them and connect with them.  I need your help.  I ask, therefore, that you partner with me in this social experiment.  If you like what I am doing and enjoy the blog, then subscribe to my posts, follow the blog (both can be done in the sidebar to the right), and share the link with your friends and family.  Each post is enabled with social media sharing capabilities.  Thank you for your support and interest.

Mission Statement:
Reel Revival was founded as a response to the progressing loss of old and classic films from our national consciousness.  This gradual loss of heritage is a tragedy because of the great historical, moral, and social value of these films.  Reel Revival undertakes to effect whatever reversal of this trend it can manage by educating, promoting conversation, and inspiring individuals to discover this golden, forgotten era.  

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