Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Banner Challenge

Kudos go to the first reader who identifies the movies, characters, and actors represented by the pictures in the Reel Revival banner. [Comment on this post] Give me all the info you can, even release dates if you know them. No Google or IMDB allowed! This is to test the latent knowledge of all you movie nuts. Honor system!


Tom said...

1. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, TV special 1964
2. Joe Pesci as Burglar #1, Home Alone 1990
3. Christmas Comes to Willow Creek, TV special 1986
4. Burl Ives and snowman, publicity show for Rudolph, 1964
5. Peter York as Marley, Scrooge 1971
6. Edmund Gwenn as Santa with Natalie Wood, Miracle on 34th St. 1947

Priscilla said...

All absolutely correct, Tom, except #3 and #5. Care to take a second guess?

Or are there any others waiting in the wings ready for the steal??

Page said...

Tom is too good! lol
I was stumped on image #3. Love your rotating banners Priscilla.

Page said...

You're next up at the Six Degrees game and the next star is up on my blog!

Priscilla said...

The Six Degrees post is now up, Page!
It's up to Vincent to wrap it up for us!
-Priscilla. Thanks for the compliment to my banners :)

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