Thursday, October 28, 2010

Miss Marple Marathon

Over the past two days I went on a Miss Marple marathon as I made and prepared decorations for my Halloween party and accomplished other household tasks.  I watched Murder at the Gallop, Murder Most Foul, and Murder Ahoy.  My copy of Murder She Said is in another box somewhere and I haven't dug it out yet.  But that's ok: SuperFan Tori is on that one.  

I have watched these films so many times that I know the staging without even looking at the screen, which is great because if I'm listening to the dialog and looking at what I'm busy with, I can still see the action in my mind's eye. And I promise you these never get old. The reasons are simple:

1. Margaret Rutherford's performance. One of the most appropriate, brilliant, and thoroughly enjoyable conversions of a character from book to screen that ever occurred in classic film. 

2. Music. The Miss Marple theme song is incomparable.  If you have your speakers turned on you've already been treated to it. It is so good, I almost wish the intro would never end.

3. Mr. Stringer.  Played by Stringer Davis (Rutherford's real life husband I have only just learned, this character is one of the cutest and sweetest old men to ever grace the silver screen.  He makes a perfect side-kick to the plucky Marple.

With varying, interesting plots and superb supporting casts throughout the series, this is one that I can heartily recommend in its entirety, and I am confident in saying that it would make a fine gift for any lover of mystery, Christie, or old movies.

Amazon sells the set, but single movies are more economical. Murder Ahoy comes in at just over $5. 

However and whenever you enjoy these films, I do hope you will send a comment my way so I can know about it!

-Incidentally, this is a fascinating read if you are interested in Rutherford and Davis personally.
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jillybean said...

Complete Dittos on all of the above....I didn't know "Mr. Stringer" was really "Mr. Rutherford"! You should try to get the theme music to play on your site.

Priscilla said...

The music's not working for you? Try it again, I had some trouble adding but it worked for me.

Anonymous said...

The music worked for me and I love it and your critique! I love this series!

Tori said...

Yeah, Murder She Said is fantastic. I'll agree with everything you said and up you one- Margaret Rutherford completely redeems the character of Miss Marple for me. I love everything about her portrayal.
Also in this film- Mr. Stringer is hilarious and cute as always, the young boy Alexander is absolutely a fantastic character (the part with the goat had me laughing out loud), and James Robertson Justice played the role of crotchety invalid father to a T. Also- his lines at the end of the film make dealing with his annoying personality through the film more than just worthwhile. The plot isn't groundbreaking or anything- but the solution is fantastic. All in all, great film!

Tori said...

But... speaking of ladies witnessing murders while reading mysteries on a train- Deanna Durbin is quite possibly the biggest cutie ever. It was an interesting take on the same idea-- way to show 'em how the younger generation handles the matter. I loved Lady on a Train! Especially her cute smile when she starts singing her second song in the movie.
I definitely would like to see more of her.

jillybean said...

Music works now! Thanks! Also, loved the read about the real life crime perpetrated against her estate! So tonight we watched House of Wax and Nancy Drew, Detective....2 fun facts...the original House of Wax was made in 1933 and was in COLOR! It came on the flip side of our rental.
After watching Nancy Drew, we just had to research the numerous references to 23.80 and found that that was the weekly pay for WPA men in 1938 and was used for slang to say basically "I'll bet you a weeks pay" Just a couple of fun facts!

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