Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Escape" now on DVD

An update from the merchandise world:

Amazon announced to its old-movie-buying customers this morning that it has now added Norma Shearer and Robert Taylor's "Escape" to its DVD catalog. 

If you are interested in browsing or purchasing, follow the link to the side to investigate!

Amazon's Product Description
"This place isn't a country. It's a Coney Island madhouse!" In 1936, Mark Preysing (Robert Taylor) comes to Germany in search of his mother, a famed actress who, unknown to him, lies ill in a concentration camp awaiting execution. During his desperate hunt, Mark meets an American-born countess (Norma Shearer), who slowly grows aware of the great evil corrupting her adopted country. Together they attempt to rescue Mark's mother, even though doing so could cost them their lives. This acclaimed thriller, twine-taut with suspense, boasts not only great stars but a brilliant supporting cast that includes three actors who had fled Nazi Germany: Felix Bressart, Albert Basserman and Conrad Veidt (in his U.S. screen debut)."


Anonymous said...

Sounds intriguing, especially for the fact that some of these actors actually experienced fleeing Nazi Germany.

Priscilla Racke said...

Very true. I have never seen it, but I would be very interested in doing so.

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